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English Village is the place on campus for you to relax, practice English, and broaden your horizons.

Toin Gakuen celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014, and an additional educational goal was established: “To raise internationally-minded citizens who love nature and peace.”

Toin English Village was established to achieve this new goal.

We aim to provide a space where students can interact in English in a natural environment. Students are exposed to international culture through a variety of enjoyable events and activities.

Meet the Instructors

Toin English Village offers two levels of one-on-one or small group English lessons: Basic Conversation and Topic Talk. Each lesson is taught by one of our four native instructors:
Sammy from Canada, Jessie from the Philippines, and Jason and Morgen from America.

For example, chatting with native or international staff
Enjoying lunchtime with staff and other students
Playing board games, video games, and other challenges
Students look forward to our monthly events like the Spring Festival, Omoshirorika Science Fair, Halloween Party and Christmas Bazaar Concert

And of course, they improve their English with a variety of lessons on offer at our learning center.